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We Provide Quality Web development Services at Affordable Prices.


Great the Graphic Design with our Conglomerate firms to give you the best graphic expirience.


Our Advertisement Programs runs on all Social Media platforms.A Free month Advertisement package for all subscribers of Web services


We provide you with cool Tutorials to develop your Programming Skills to provide solutions to basic problems.


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We provide you with what you need at all times.We our conglomerate Companies and Partners to foster your Your Goals towards its Accomplishment

Questions Asked Frequently By Clients

Our clients will love to clear all doubts for a favourable business enviroment.Below are frequently asked Questions and their reponses. Click on the + sign to view our answers to these questions

What is Touko Banks all About?

TOUKO BANKS is a Tech Start up Company which aims at providing quality and Affordable technological in the domain of Web Development and Graphic Design Services to all Individuals and organisations in need of such services.

Are services offered by Touko Banks Affordable?

We design your solutions at very affordable rate just for your comfort. With Touko Banks all Services are of reach to to all clients across the globe

How Are the Benefits of Using Touko Banks Services?

Touko Banks services come with alot more benefits than you can ever imagine.We provide free advertisments programs for a period of one month to all subscribers of our web development services.And this will be done on all our various social media platforms.

In Case I Desire a Service, who do I email?

You could contact us through all our social media platforms. You Could contact us on our WhatsApp Account,Facebook pages, Instagram and Twitter pages.Better still you could contact us using our phone lines provided in the contact me panel of this site(below).

Can Touko Banks be of help to international Clients?

Touko Banks being in operation for over two years has witness a great demand for services by the international community.And with our Social media platform We have seen our services take it rise to the brim of success in serving the Globe. We wishes to connect with the rest of the world in order to share these special services and tourch new lifes.Ofcourse Touko Banks is more than able to handle international affairs.

About us

Touko Banks Web Construction Industry is a TECH FIRM founded and chaired by 17 years old Cameroonian Programmer and Graphic Designer Finjap Peter P.

I am a teenager very interested in anything about Tech. I Taught myself how to code especially web development and also I learned graphic design too.


I am a former High school student. I Live in the town of Buea (The regional Capital of the South-west region of the Republic of Cameroon.)

Due to the Anglophone Crisis, I began programming at the age of 15,It was quite challenging but I tried each day to Conquer My fears and Believe in my abilities. It has always been my dream to study Computer engineering while growing up.And I wish to pursue this great dream. After getting a review of the level of technological Advancements in my country, I a made a Decision to do all it takes to respresent my Country and stand as a true leader to pave the way for the growth and Technological advancements in my country.

So I Decided take several programming courses online along side some Great number of youtube tutorials which I used in Teaching myself programming of several languages. In 2017, I obtained online certificates in JAVA and HTML during summer holidays with the Sololearn Mobile Programming App.I created my first project on web development this website.I also developed a windows media customized application which I made using Microsoft Visual Studio 10 Basic, Microsoft Visual Studio 10 C# and Microsoft Media Player kit which I later updated this same year.

It has always been my dream to share the ideas And Discover amazing stuffs concerned with TECH. Being a Great Instruments to improve on Tech Domain of my Country is Greatest Wish. And also to work for MEGA TECH in future companies like GOOGLE, FACEBOOK,MICROSOFT AND APPLE. And some day have my Own company Like these Tech Giants. Here is a short video Narative of My Family, Friends And life Style.

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